Iran deal launches lobbying war

Iran deal cc

The Israeli lobby is generally not happy. They don’t like the Iran deal. The Saudi lobby (smaller but still powerful) is probably nearly as unhappy. Now the game begins on the Hill.

In order for the Iran deal to become official it must be approved by both houses of Congress. If Congress rejects the deal with a simple majority President Obama has said that he will veto the rejection of the bill. This then means that 2/3 of the Senate and House must then vote for deal rejection to keep the treaty from happening.

It’s a tall order. But it could possibly be done as many a Dem law maker is cozy with the above lobbyists.

But Politico argues that a few pro-deal Jewish groups are going to give the traditional Israeli lobby a run for its money.

This may be wishful thinking from Politico.

(From Politico)

On Tuesday, Netanyahu left little doubt that his opposition will be vigorous and full-throated, saying the deal was “a historic mistake” that would represent a “bonanza” for terrorist groups across the Middle East.

But the deal’s American opponents aren’t just waiting on Netanyahu — who upset many Democrats earlier this year when he addressed Congress at the invitation of Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) — to do all the heavy lifting.

The Republican Jewish Coalition, a major GOP lobbying group that counts mega-donors like Sheldon Adelson as board members, is using its 40,000 members to build out a grass-roots opposition effort. The group will be hosting conference calls with members and using digital ads and social media to target key senators.

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