Left-Fascists March On: Portland State University Will Shut Down Political Activity If It’s ‘Triggering’

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The Left-fascists, the PC police, the thought police, the progressive regressives, the anti-intellectual advocates of post modern newspeak, whatever you want to call them, are bullies. They are shallow thinking bullies. They know that if there is a debate around certain issues they will lose and lose badly. As such they seek to shut debate down before it begins. That is their only defense because they know deep down that their worldview, based on the Hegelian-Marxist dialectic is excrement.

But it’s their religion and they cling to it and their gun control.


(From Reason)

Our adviser called her supervisor out of a meeting he was in, and had us explain once more what we were tabling for. His response was even more negative, and his warnings even more extreme: Our “murder-free zone” posters were not only triggering, but “libelous” and dangerous.

With no degree of irony, the supervisor claimed our posters were so inflammatory that they could get us physically attacked by another student.  Apparently there exists a large number of pro-murder partisans at Portland State.

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This article reminded me of the last post we did on Portland State, a couple of years ago.