Ron Paul Calls for ‘Revolutionary Change in Our Economic Thinking’

Rothbard cartoon

The change is happening actually. I feel a shift, on a broad scale. It has just started, but pay close attention. Statism is failing and people are beginning to remember (or learn) that real markets solve problems and allow people to create wealth.

The everyday person is becoming more aware that tossing one’s lot in with the Grubers of the world is just foolish.

It will take a revolution in economic thinking to turn the USA around, and I am more optimistic now than I have been in a long time that such a shift can happen. Indeed that it is happening.

(From Newsmax)

“It’s really down to the essence of getting people to understand good economics, which isn’t the most popular thing to do in politics,” he said.

“We do not have a free market. Every day the market gets less free, individual liberty gets further eroded, and we expand ourselves further around the world and the only reason this exists is that we have been endowed with the ability to print the reserve currency of the world,” he said.

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