Texas Challenges Federal Reserve with its Gold-Backed Bitcoin Loving Bank

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The a new front opens up for the Federal Reserve.

Also one definitely gets the sense that the recent decline in gold is looking more and more like an opportunity to put away some real wealth at relatively low cost. This is definitely on the mind of the Chinese, and perhaps the guys in 10 gallon hats.

(From NewsBTC.com)

The decision comes in the wake of Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to repatriate $1 billion worth of state’s gold from an underground vault in New York. The republican plans to store this gold in a ‘yet-to-be-built’ facility, a step that will circumscribe taxpayers’ money from leaving Texas and will further circumvent the controversial Federal Reserve System.

This means thats the Texans will be able to conduct gold-backed transactions to pay for goods and services, and will further be exempted from paying fees to store gold outside their state. The government, on the other hand, will be able to objectively secure and stabilize their commodity reserves.

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