This is why Hillary’s losing: The issue Jeb Bush and Donald Trump understand, which may keep Clinton from the White House

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An interesting and somewhat desperate statement on corruption from a fan big government in Salon.

Thing is, as we say often, government is inherently corrupt. One can’t just get “good people” into office and then things will change. Government must itself be reduced.

Yes this means that many big modern liberal dreams must be abandoned.

I do not write this flippantly. I understand that this would constitute a political sea change.

In office Obama forgot all about ethics reforms. It was the biggest mistake of his presidency. Republicans didn’t stop him. It is a hallmark of many ethics reforms, including most of his, that they may be implemented by executive order. Obama didn’t pursue them because he didn’t want to. Consultants who make rich livings off corporate clients may have told him no one cares about ‘process issues,’ as he took to calling reform. His top hires, most of whom had worked either on Wall Street or as lobbyists or ‘consultants’ to big corporations—the lobbyist pledge was the first campaign promise Obama broke—may have told him reform was impractical. It hurts to say it, but he may never have meant any of it to start with. All we know is he didn’t do it, and not having done it, couldn’t even talk about it.

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