What leadership looks like, Margaret Thatcher tells the hard truth, Socialists (at least some) would “prefer the poor be poorer, provided the rich were less rich.” (Video)

Thatcher 2 cc

I have some (significant) issues with Lady Thatcher, but generally she was a great boon to her country and to the world. And I don’t say that about almost any politician and pretty much about no head of state.

A student of Hayek, and a daughter of the middle class, she saw the suicidality of socialism, big government, the ubiquitous welfare state. And she wasn’t afraid to say that she saw it.

Her case, and the case of free peoples, must sadly be made over and over. That is the way it is. Socialism is a siren song. Something for nothing. The cronies will sing it until the end of time.

But Thatcher’s case is a just case. And it is the humane case, no matter how the adherents to the big government “philosophy” want to characterize liberty and free markets.

Smaller government means less corruption, more choice, more opportunity, more power in the hands of everyday people.

Big government means the opposite.