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Month: August 2015
FCC versus Your Health

Will the FCC under “Net neutrality” kill an important and promising area of innovation in medicine, “mobile medicine”? The FCC may not kill such innovation completely but it may slow it down, likely by a lot. This is a particular...

Lobbying firm has you covered no matter who’s in power

We say often that fundamentally there is little real difference between the establishments in the Democratic and Republican parties. The below graph sums it up pretty well. So it makes sense to have a lobbying firm which is comfortable dealing...

The counter summit to the Fed meeting in Jackson Hole

Calls to reform, audit, and even eliminate the Federal Reserve have been growing in recent years. We certainly call for an end to the Fed and I encourage anyone interested in monetary policy and the Federal Reserve to read Free...

Greenpeace Workers Stage Strike, Walkout

When Greenpeace workers are striking because of unfair labor conditions you know something is out of wack. Either the workers are completely unreasonable and entitled or the environmental organization really is pretty bad. It sounds like it’s mostly the former.