Al Gore may run for president again in 2016?

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There you go guys. Hillary is in serious trouble. Biden’s about to jump into the shark tank. Looks like maybe Gore is too. These guys (and their sponsors) can not fathom Bernie Sanders getting the nomination. Seriously, what do you think is going on at Goldman Sachs these days?

Biden and Gore figure they are in fact the heirs apparent if Ms. Clinton doesn’t make it to the debates which at this point is a real possibility.

Just remember, among other things, Al Gore, Mr. Green, sold his TV network Current TV to a bunch of oil barons from Qatar for $100 million. What do you think the ongoing carbon footprint is on that deal? And then there’s the whole massage business of course.

Wonder if Megyn Kelly is going to moderate any of the Democratic debates? We’ll bet not.

(From The Hill)

ABC’s Rick Klein tweeted that a former Gore adviser confirmed a “circle of his former aides are talking about” a potential 2016 bid, though they are still in the very early part of the discussion.

Gore starting trending nationally on Twitter shortly after the reports emerged Thursday.

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