Bill Clinton tried to line up a speech for big money in NORTH KOREA while Hillary was Secretary of State?

North Korea cc

It didn’t happen. Looks like someone figured out it might not look so good.

Perhaps Bill was getting the lay of the land for Dennis Rodman’s later trip to the hermit people’s republic.

In fairness Pyongyang in the spring is lovely we hear.*

(From ABC News)

“Is it safe to assume [the U.S. Government] would have concerns about WJC accepting the attached invitation related to North Korea?” Desai wrote in an e-mail to Mills and two other State Department officials –Jake Sullivan, then-director of Policy Planning Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff, and Michael Fuchs, then a special assistant to the Secretary of State who now serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Strategy and Multilateral Affairs in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Mills two-word response? “Decline it.”

But the Clinton Foundation followed up three weeks later, saying the invite came via Hillary Clinton’s brother Tony Rodham…

…Still, the exchanges open a rare window on the private communications between aides to the former president, the Clinton Foundation, and Secretary Clinton’s State Department during the four-year period that Hillary Clinton served as the nation’s top diplomat. Those relationships and communications have drawn political scrutiny in recent months, with Republicans pouncing on episodes of potential conflicts of interests.

Bill Clinton delivered 215 speeches totaling over $48 million in the four years Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

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*In all seriousness I would love to visit North Korea. I think it would be fascinating.