Boeing, GE cut off support of politicians opposed to Ex-Im

Or business models.
Or business models.

More whining from Boeing (and GE). Thing is them pulling “support” from lawmakers who don’t support the taxpayer underwritten Export-Import Bank, aka Boeing’s Bank, will likely only help the lawmakers they shun. One would imagine that being on the right side of this debate, that is for the elimination of the crony capitalist enterprise which is Ex-Im, certainly helps lawmakers more than losing some money from Boeing and GE hurts them.

I’d imagine the citizenry will look positively on the members of Congress who do right by the American taxpayer and get rid of this bit of corporate welfare.

(From Politico)

Combined, Boeing and GE have halted political contributions to more than a dozen Republican lawmakers opposed to reauthorizing the bank, after cutting checks to those lawmakers during the 2014 election cycle, according to a POLITICO analysis of Federal Election Commission records. And an additional 17 Ex-Im opponents that received contributions in 2014 from one of GE’s political action committees have gotten nothing this year from either company…

…Ryan, in particular, has been a vocal opponent of renewing the government lender.

“My friend Congressman Jeb Hensarling [R-Texas] has recently launched a great challenge against the crony capitalist economy, and in particular, against one of its manifestations, the Export-Import Bank,” Ryan said in a recent speech at Hillsdale College. “But the bank is just one example of how bureaucratic government is corrupting free enterprise through and through. Conservatives must stop defending this. Cronyism is the progressives’ project for economic control. Let them defend it.”

And he’s not backing down.

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