Boo hoo, Boeing cries over potential loss of taxpayer underwritten bank, Threatens to move many operations overseas?

Image: FITS News
Image: FITS News

OK, so you lose Ex-Im and the sweetheart deal which goes with it. So you decide to take your ball and go play – wherever – outside of the United States. Fine.

But it seems reasonable then, going forward, not to award Boeing any lucrative military projects. That’s only fair. Go live off the Swedish taxpayers. They like socialism.

We are supposed to operate within the free market. That’s part of what makes America America. Most Americans must live and operate within a relatively free market. You – Boeing – can operate within a relatively free market too.

(From The Washington Post)

“If there’s not an Ex-Im Bank, we’re actively considering now moving key pieces of our company to other countries,” Boeing Chairman James McNerney Jr. said Wednesday at an event hosted by The Economic Club of Washington. “We would’ve never considered that before this craziness on Ex-Im.”

Boeing sounds more like a spoiled child than the respected aerospace company taxpayers have subsidized in a myriad of forms over the last 60 years.

Is Boeing telling us that it is so poorly managed that it must rely on the American taxpayer to prop it up? If so, that would concern me if I was a shareholder.

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