Buchanan: GOP Elites Plot to Purge Trump

Trump C

So far the current race for president has been incredible. Probably the most interesting of my lifetime. (At least that I can remember.) The assumed front runners in both major parties are on the ropes. Semi-outsiders are landing blow after blow. The establishments in both major parties are panicking. The FBI is now a factor. Crony capitalism is a major issue for the first time (Yeah, we’re pretty happy about that.) Border fences. Campaign people being indicted. Email servers. Megyn Kelly. Fox on its heels. MSNBC in on-air reorganization. The assertion of the radical progressive wing trying to keep Obama’s whatever alive. The Vice President looking to swoop in.

Then factor in all sorts of weird wildcards. China in decline. Greece. Europe. Russia. Ferguson.

Man, it’s already been a blast and things haven’t even really gotten started.

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