Crony Univision?: Jorge Ramos Embarrassed Himself and His Network, Invites Scrutiny

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By now most of you have probably seen the video of Mr. Ramos interupting Donald Trump and Trump removing the the guy because he wouldn’t wait his turn.

And even after this Trump still let Ramos back in and let him ask questions so long as Ramos followed the rules. But by grandstanding the way he did Ramos exposed for all to see that he is not a journalist but an activist. He should be treated as such going forward. He really has no business at future press conferences with any of the candidates.

We are not defending Mr.Trump in any way. We have no horse in this race. But Ramos and Univision clearly do. That Trump is suing Univision for $500 million probably has something to do with the scrap too.

But Univision deserves to be examined. It has some serious crony tendencies. (All the big networks do of one sort or another.)

For instance Hillary Clinton signed a deal with the network last year to do a mini-series of her life back in 2014. NBC was going to do it but backed out because the project was even too blatant for them. Univision, headed now by NBC’s former COO was happy to pick it up however.

Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look at Univision’s senior staff.

Randy Falco CEO– Falco has been President and CEO of Univision Communications Inc. since June 2011.Before joining Univision in January 2011 as Executive Vice President and COO, he served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of AOL from Nov. 2006 to March 2009. Prior to his tenure at AOL, he spent 31 years at NBC, including serving as the network’s President and COO.

Mr. Falco was also at MSNBC and was a General Electric officer.

Roberto “Bob” Lllamas EVP – Also a GE guy and a Lehman Brothers alum. He is also heads Univision’s Human Resources and Community Empowerment initiatives.

Francisco J. Lopez-Balboa CFO – A Goldman Sachs alum – Prior to joining UCI in May 2015, Lopez-Balboa served as a managing director and head of Telecom, Media and Technology Investment Grade Financing at Goldman Sachs. While at Goldman Sachs, in addition to leading his group, Lopez-Balboa served on the Investment Banking Division’s Credit Markets Capital Committee. From 1991 until 1997, he ran Goldman Sachs’ debt capital markets efforts across multiple industries in the Midwest and West Coast regions including Industrial, Retail, Automotive and Telecom companies.

That’s the senior staff. Lehman, Goldman, GE, NBC, MSNBC. Nothing particularly unusual but crony companies all.

The next tier of officers is listed HERE. Oddly a majority of these folks do not even appear to be Hispanic.(Which was explained to me by a Latina free market activist earlier this summer.)

With Ramos eschewing journalistic integrity for self righteous indignation and advocacy one must consider carefully the value of what Mr. Ramos has to say going forward. He had already clearly broadcast his bias.

It must also be remembered that Mr. Ramos wouldn’t be broadcasting his opinions like he is without the leadership of the network giving him the OK. For Univision keeping the border completely open is a business decision. It means viewers and advertising sales.

It should be noted that many people who immigrate, even and perhaps especially those who come here illegally are often escaping vicious cronyism and despair in their home countries. This certainly isn’t the case all the time. But I’d be willing to bet it is with a great number.

If one wants to make an honest living in this country, to build a business, to make the world better, I say welcome. ¡Bienvenidos! And I say we need to find a way to welcome such people efficiently and in a way which adds to this country. But what we are doing now is failing. Both Ramos and Trump are right on that.

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