Dear America: Don’t Listen To Bernie Sanders. Sweden’s Not All That Great.

“In all Scandinavian countries we have the Law of Jante: the idea that individual success and achievement is unworthy and inappropriate.”

Nordic cc

As they say, Scandinavia is great if one is of average intelligence, ambition, and white. The Scandinavian countries are not the utopia many statists believe.

I am actually a big fan of Scandinavia in many respects. That Sweden makes its own fighter jets is really cool given how small the country is. Iceland did the right thing for the most part post-2008 Crash. Norway has fjords. Denmark has Lego and is home to a what some consider to be the greatest restaurant in the world, Noma. (Pretty much in spite of the country’s socialism.) Finland has amazing forests and dealt with bumping up on the Soviet Union admirably.

So I’m not interested in dumping on our Nordic friends. And neither is the author of the attached article, who is a Swede. But American statists need to get real.

(From The Libertarian Republic)

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (D) has said that socialist policies characteristic of countries like Sweden should be implemented in the U.S.

As a Swede, I would strongly advise against this.

The worldwide socialist movement praises the Scandinavian countries for their high living standards and welfare. Easy to do for someone who has never lived in Sweden or read a book on Swedish history.

First off: The success of Sweden predates the welfare state. In reality, the economy began to fall behind in the 1960s when the state rapidly expanded. Moreover, Sweden enjoyed the highest growth in the industrialized world between 1870 and 1936 – between 1936 and 2008 the rate dropped down to number 13 out of 28 industrialized nations.

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