Google Is Restructuring Under a New Company Called Alphabet

Alphabet cc

So apparently there’s going to be “search” which will remain Google, and then everything else which will be under Alphabet. I like it. Get it? ALPHA – BET. And it’s probably a pretty good bet given Apple’s recent stumbles.

Google is one of the USA’s largest military contractors by the way. Or I guess Alpha-Bet soon will be. Whatever, they’ll be making these along with God only knows what else..(Boston Dynamics is owned by Google.)

And as the Daily Caller said last year,

Big Brother Inc. aspires to work more closely with Big Brother government.

This restructuring is likely at least somewhat part of that.

(From The New York Times)

Google was born as a company that did Internet search. Over time, it has broadened its interests into everything from drones to pharmaceuticals to venture capital.

Now Google is changing its corporate structure to reflect that it has essentially become a holding company with a disparate collection of businesses.

Larry Page, co-founder and chief executive of Google, said in a blog post on Monday that he was creating a new company named Alphabet that he would run along with Sergey Brin, the other co-founder of Google.

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You know, I can remember when Google was just a search engine which was slightly better than Yahoo.