Greenpeace Workers Stage Strike, Walkout

greenpeace cc

When Greenpeace workers are striking because of unfair labor conditions you know something is out of wack. Either the workers are completely unreasonable and entitled or the environmental organization really is pretty bad. It sounds like it’s mostly the former.

(From The Heartland Institute)

A cursory glance at Craiglist can give you a good idea of what the Greenpeace canvasser job entails. Greenpeace advertises a similar position in Los Angeles – a “frontline” worker – as a “full-time” job and lists only an hourly wage of $13-15 per hour, slightly more than the minimum wage. They do offer paid training time, bonuses for good performance, and a full benefits and leave package for those Greenpeace canvassers who maintain their employment for three months. Employees even get paid vacations and even mass transit subsidies. There is, however, no “job security” involved. You can’t have everything.

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