Hampton Police Shut Down Jerry Seinfeld’s Charity Lemonade Stand


We’ve run a number of lemonade stand bust stories over the past few years. Seems this wonderful lesson in entrepreneurialism, almost an American right of passage, always seems to rub someone the wrong way these days. Which is just sad.

And I’ll say it. If you call the cops on a lemonade stand you are a horrible person. You like making little kids cry.

In the Hamptons not even Jerry Seinfeld can get away with selling unlicensed sugar water, even if the proceeds are going to charity. The lemonade brigade is always watching…

(From 27 East)

“Lemonade dreams crushed by local neighbor, but not before raising lots of money for @loverecycled,” wrote Ms. Seinfeld in the caption. “Thanks to all of our customers and big tippers! Thanks, Xander and Jaden, for crushing it today with Julian and Jerry.”

East Hampton Village Police Chief Jerry Larsen said police received a complaint about illegally parked vehicles at the location of the lemonade stand. At the scene, an officer advised the Seinfeld family that village code does not permit lemonade stands on village property. The village prohibits all forms of peddling on its property.

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