Monsanto deeply entwined with the the Democratic Party and Al Gore (It’s plenty entwined with the GOP too)

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The following excerpt comes from an article in the “liberal” journal Harpers. Monsanto it seems is, and has been everywhere including deep in the Democratic party.

(From Harpers)

While Monsanto played God during the 1990s, the Clinton Administration had its back — a policy consistent with its corporate-friendly approach to environmental issues. When, for example, the French balked at allowing GMO corn into their country, the president, the secretary of state, the national-security adviser, and assorted U.S. senators pleaded Monsanto’s cause. (The French finally caved when Gore himself phoned the prime minister to lobby on the corporation’s behalf.)2 In addition, Washington’s revolving door whirled many Clinton Administration officials onto the Monsanto payroll, while the president’s committee of science and technology advisers included Virginia Weldon, the corporation’s senior vice president for public policy.

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