Navajo Nation president to sue mine and EPA over spill

The Animas River pre-spill
The Animas River pre-spill

Good, they should. A classic understanding of property rights holds that if someone hurts you or your property you have a right to compensation.

But as we reported in the post before this one, the federal government is already busy trying to get people to waive their rights to future compensation. This could be a very costly mistake for a signee.

(From The Navajo Times)

He had two priorities: warning the Navajos in the area and making plans about what to do when the contaminated water finally reached the area.
Begay’s message gave three precautions for community members:

  • Prevent their livestock from drinking from the San Juan River.
  • Avoid diverting water from the river.
  • Do not enter the river…

“We are going to make EPA pay for this,” he said, adding that he was going to work with NNEPA officials to do tests to see how serious the contamination was to Navajo lands.

He said he didn’t trust the EPA to do the tests because he felt the EPA would not tell them the truth and would try to get the tribe to settle for “pennies” instead of the millions or billions of dollars of damage that was done by the contaminated water.

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