(Not a joke) Hillary Clinton Spent Debate Night With the Kardashians

clinton K selfie

We are going to assume that Hillary doesn’t actually know how much of a jerk Kanye is. But she is I am sure aware of the vast intellectual void which is Kardashia.

Kardashia is a vast windswept plain, littered with empty lip gloss containers, and $2000 purses. It is bright and colorful but nothing grows in its soil. It is a wasteland.

But there is a vast population in Kardashia these days, and they all seem to have the right to vote in the United States. A dual citizenship I guess. People who read People Magazine, watch Entertainment Tonight, care what dress people wear at the Oscars, who give a darn about Jennifer Garner and that guy from Good Will Hunting. Hillary knows that residents of Kardashia might tip the balance in 2016.

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