NSA: A Tax & Economics Espionage Agency

This is a real US government logo. Funny, I thought the Constitution specifically limited the reach of government.
This is a real US government logo. Funny, I thought the Constitution specifically limited the reach of government.

If there is one area of current policy/politics which really makes me sigh it is the growing, ever growing, surveillance state. It’s bad for the country. It’s in violation of the spirit of the Constitution (and likely the letter in many circumstances). It’s bad for the economy.

The surveillance state needs to be reined in. The danger to our way of life is immense. Far greater than terrorism.

Am I saying that there is no place for espionage? No I am not. But we have created a liberty sucking monster and we’d better cut it down to size.

(From Armstrong Economics)

This is especially true when it comes to long-term, strategic economic goals. The French newspaper “Libération” recently reported that around 100 major French companies, including almost all of the members of the Paris stock exchange CAC 40 index, will be affected by NSA spying activities. The NSA is probably tracking all German companies since they would be even more critical, given the German export economic model. The economic ties between German politics and economics contain politically interesting export markets, such as Russia or China, represents extremely valuable info regarding even the embargo against Russia…

…Unbeknownst to most people, the Patriot Act (2001) imposed administrative requirements. The SEC obtained new compliance powers for any company traded on the U.S. stock exchange. This has resulted in many foreign companies de-listing from the USA in a mass exodus. Listing on the U.S. exchange opened the door for the NSA and other security authorities (FBI) to engage in investigations and control beyond the U.S. borders, expanding even the FBI outside the USA all in the name of terrorism. This has led to the mass exit of foreign companies from U.S. listings.

Foreign banks exposed themselves to U.S. law, even in their home offices, by merely having an office in the USA. The U.S. authorities went after and destroyed the Swiss banks by imposing all sorts of charges. This is why UBS suddenly donated to Hillary’s charity in return for her intervening on their behalf. That is outright criminal bribery, but Hillary seems to think she walks on water.

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