Seriously, what is going ON in China? Another massive blast at a another port, Just south of the Tianjin exlosion 2 weeks ago

A stones throw from the previous blast. Image: Google Maps
A stones throw from the previous blast.
Image: Google Maps

So as of this moment we are being told that it was another chemicals depot. OK. That is pretty weird especially coming on the heels of the Tianjin explosion earlier this month.

We don’t know how much damage was incurred nor if anyone was hurt or killed. But it is worth noting that China is a highly regulated economy. One would think the local government planners would have had any chemical depots on extra lock down in the wake of Tianjin.

It is also worth noting that this is yet another embarrassment (in addition to the tanking market and the Tianjin disaster) for China which is set to unveil its military machine for the world to see (officially) in a big parade on September 3rd.

Click here for more on the explosion in Dongying.

*This story originally featured video of what was reported as the Dongying explosion. There is reason to believe the video is not Dongying and as such we have removed it.

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