So the market went up 441 points today, then dropped like a rock in the last hour of trading, finishing 204 points down

Image: Marketwatch
Image: Marketwatch

At the start of the day everyone had “plunge protection team” in the back of their minds. (Even if they wouldn’t say it.) It looked as if the short term fix was in. But it turned out to be more short term than many expected. When the dust cleared we were down, again, for the 6th day in a row.

(From CNBC)

U.S. stocks closed lower, after a failed attempt to rally from the Dow’s worst 3-day point decline in history, as investor confidence waned amid continued concerns about China and global growth.

The Dow Jones industrial average and the S&P 500 closed about 1.3 percent lower after rallying nearly 3 percent earlier, their biggest reversal to the downside since Oct. 29, 2008. The S&P 500 remained in correction territory after falling there on Monday. The index also posted its first six-day losing streak since July 2012.

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