Suspended Cops Say Video of Them Eating Marijuana Edibles During a Raid Violated Their Privacy

police cc

Are these cops HIGH?

Well they sure were.

Here’s the original video we ran a few months ago. Please note where one cop says that she should have kicked one of the (disabled) customers in her “stump.”

Nice folks. Then the cops hang out and party.

Your war on drugs my friends.

(From Reason)

Remember the Santa Ana, California, cops who were caught on video munching on what seem to be cannabis-infused chocolate bars after raiding an unlicensed medical marijuana dispensary in May? The Orange County Register reports that three officers who were suspended after the incident are trying to stop the Santa Ana Police Department from using the footage in its internal investigation. Among other things, their lawsuit argues that the officers thought they had disabled all of the security cameras at Sky High Holistic and therefore had a reasonable expectation of privacy. The cops complain that the dispensary never got their permission to record them as they searched the premises.

“Dude…Like even their lawyers…are like…baked.”

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