These 17 States Could Have Legalized Marijuana After Next Year

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I think there is no reason why pot should be illegal. It should be restricted by law from children of course, it is an intoxicant, and it certainly can do harm, but adults should be able to partake if they desire. More and more of America is in agreement with this view and I think this is very healthy.

Cannabis legalization is, as I see it, clearly a matter for the states to decide (not that they have decided) under the 10th Amendment. If Utah wants to keep it illegal, no problem. If Colorado prefers sanctioned ganja then so be it. You decide which ski resort you want to visit.

(From ATTN:)

A marijuana legalization initiative in Ohio received enough signatures to get on the November 2015 ballot, Secretary of State Jon Husted announced on Tuesday, much to the excitement of the measure’s pro-pot supporters. If it passes, Ohio will become the fifth state (plus the District of Columbia) to allow people 21 or older to grow, possess, and use marijuana for recreational purposes, and it would be the first state in the Midwest.

But it isn’t just Ohio that’s gearing up for legalization in the United States. Seventeen other states have legislation in the works, including two others that have also earned their ways onto state ballots. Using data from Ballotopedia and local news sources, ATTN: compiled a list of the latest marijuana campaign initiatives.

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