Why the world belongs to the (software) coders

This is a piece on my wall which was inspired by coding and coders. Data 1
This is a piece on my wall which was inspired by coding and coders. Data 1

I’ll say from the outset that this article is not for everyone, (and it is LONG) but I found it intriguing and potentially very useful for people who are trying to get their heads around what the economy – what I would consider the REAL economy – is doing right now.

And on a personal note I have to give a nod to my dear old Dad who, back in the early early 80s was explaining to his kids why coders would someday roam the business world and change every facet of that world.

Read on for valuable insight.

(From Bloomberg)

Here is what you’ve been told: All of the computer code that keeps the website running must be replaced. At one time, it was very valuable and was keeping the company running, but the new CTO thinks it’s garbage. She tells you the old code is spaghetti and your systems are straining as a result. That the third-party services you use, and pay for monthly, are old and busted. Your competitor has an animated shopping cart that drives across the top of the screen at checkout. That cart remembers everything customers have ever purchased and generates invoices on demand. Your cart has no memory at all.

Salespeople stomp around your office, sighing like theater students, telling you how embarrassed they are by the site. Nothing works right on mobile. Orders are cutting off halfway. People are logged out with no warning. Something must be done.

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