Woman fined nearly $1,000 under “Citizen’s Security Law” after taking photo of cops parked illegally

Police Spain cc

This is a pretty extreme law, particularly for Spain. Did Franco rise from the dead or something?

(From LibertyUpward)

A woman in Petrer, Spain was fined 800 Euros (about $890) for taking a picture of a cop car that was illegally parked and then posting it to her Facebook, after police officers claimed that her post “impugned [on] their honor.”

According to Stephen Burgen of the Guardian, the woman was charged with violating Spain’s “Citizens Security Law.” The law went into effect at the beginning of July of this year, and in essence criminalizes filming or photographing police.

Police are given broad discretion to determine if a photo or video footage “might jeopardize their or their family’s safety or that of protected facilities or police operations.” Fines in violation of the Security Law may range as high as 30,000 Euros.

This same law also criminalizes protests or demonstrations near the Spanish senate or parliament, amongst other things, with violation resulting in a potential fine up to an incredible 600,000 Euros.

And 600,000 euros for protesting near Parliament? That seems, well, insane.