Agencies Say They Need Access to Americans’ Emails Without a Warrant

4th cc

Again, as we have said before, we DO have a 4th Amendment. We are sorry if it gets in the way of the various alphabet agencies which would like to troll through our information, (not really) but the Amendment was pretty much created to keep the government from trolling through our information. Under the Constitution I don’t see how warrantless email searches are legal.

Government agencies always want MORE power. They are in a constant quest for more turf, more taxpayer money, and more information. We have laws which are supposed to keep these guys in check. This is still the United States.

(From The National Journal)

“The FTC claims to be a cham­pi­on of con­sumer pri­vacy, yet the agency wants ac­cess to Amer­ic­ans’ data without a war­rant,” said Ber­in Szoka, pres­id­ent of Tech­Free­dom, a tech­no­logy think tank. “The Com­mis­sion’s testi­mony today con­firms long-stand­ing ru­mors that it will only sup­port ECPA re­form if it gets a carve-out from the bill’s war­rant re­quire­ment.

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