Bill Kristol would support Dick Cheney for president if Trump Wins nomination

Cheney cc

Well we’ve long held that the neocons would jump ship to Hillary Clinton if Rand Paul got the nomination. But apparently the neocons don’t like Trump either. Son of the founder of the neoconservative (big government, interventionist, Republicans) movement Bill Kristol said he’d support a 3rd party candidate if Mr. Hair gets the GOP nomination. In fact Kristol said he’d support Dick Cheney in a 3rd party bid.

That’s right. Dick Cheney.

Who says the Washington class is out of touch?

(From Mediaite)

As for who he wants to run on an independent ticket, Kristol proposed the dynamic — and very-much Republican — duo of former Vice President Dick Cheney and Senator Tom Cotton. He’s even promoting their non-existent website on Twitter:

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