Boehner colludes with super liberal Maxine Waters to shaft taxpayers yet again?

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The Export-Import Bank of the United States which provides below market financing underwritten by taxpayers for giant corporations needs to die. Its charter wasn’t renewed in June, which is excellent, but the “bank” could still be revived if John Boehner attaches a revival to a big bill, a must vote on bill, like the highway bill. According to the hyper liberal, extreme statist, uber crony capitalist Maxine Waters, a Democrat, that just may be in the cards. She wants her money for her corporate sponsors and she doesn’t give a damn about the taxpayers or crony capitalism. And according to this report from The Hill the Speaker may be right with her.

Is Boehner even a Republican? He’s certainly not a conservative or a friend to the taxpayers that is very clear. If he attaches a revival of Ex-Im to the highway bill, or any bill, know that Boehner is just giving the people who fund the US government, the taxpayers, a giant middle finger. Right with Maxine Waters.

We hope Boehner will do the right thing and let the Export-Import Bank die. To do otherwise is an insult, a big insult, to the American people.

(From The Hill)

Hoyer indicated that Ex-Im supporters are eyeing the transportation bill to reauthorize the bank and not the looming government funding measure lawmakers must pass by the end of September.

Lawmakers had thought they need to vote on a federal transportation funding bill by the end of October. But federal officials recently said they’ll have enough funds to last through next spring, which means Ex-Im’s future remains uncertain.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, said that Ex-Im supporters have enough votes. She criticized conservatives for attempting to block such a vote.

“I’ve had conversations with leadership and with Mr. Boehner,” Waters said with a laugh. “I didn’t get a guarantee — but I received a nod.”

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