Boehner Unchained: Will The soon to be former Speaker blow things up in Congress on the way out?

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We wouldn’t put it past him. Indeed you can bet that long time “friends” like Boeing are leaning pretty hard on The Tanned One to make sure the Export-Import Bank, Boeing’s Bank, the taxpayer underwritten boondoggle for a few massive corporations, is revived from the grave for instance. The people who want Ex-Im gone are the same people who wanted Boehner gone. As such watch Boehner do the wrong thing here, either for old “friends,” out of spite, or both. He’s got one last chance to come through for the cronies and to thumb his nose at those who want a smaller government.

(From Polizette)

“I think it’s inevitable,” Boeing Chairman Jim McNerney said Thursday of the Ex-Im reauthorization. New activities of the bank — a quasi-government agency that lends huge sums of taxpayer money to large corporations at artificial rates — expired on June 30, but the organization continues to operate on existing accounts.

Allies of the big business special-interest crowd took little time to express optimism Boehner would use his newfound freedom from conservative accountability to push through a reauthorization.

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It ain’t inevitable Jim.