Boeing, other Ex-Im Bank supporters threaten to fire workers if they don’t get their way

At the trough.
At the trough.

Boeing is a big boy on Wall Street and in Washington DC and it isn’t going to let a bunch of free marketeers take its taxpayer underwritten boondoggle away from them if it can help it. What do these taxpayers think anyway? That America belongs to them? Man are they clueless. America belongs to companies like Boeing and the government apparatchiks who are sponsored by companies like Boeing.


The threats include laying off American workers, cutting off political contributions and picking up stakes and moving company headquarters elsewhere.

It’s all part of the political arm-twisting that companies like Boeing and General Electric hope will scare members of Congress into reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, which saw its charter expire in June when Congress failed to muster the votes to renew it.

Fine, as we’ve said before. Move operations overseas. Fire workers in a political ploy to keep your sweetheart deal. But going forward lawmakers should consider whether it’s wise to award contracts to companies which obviously hold taxpayers in such contempt.

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