Crony Desperation: Brazil’s President Lashes Out At Uber Amid Calls For Impeachment

Double fail.
Double fail.

In case you haven’t been following what’s been going on in Brazil here’s an update.

The economy is falling into recession. Hundreds of thousands of people have filled streets across Brazil calling for the impeachment of their president, Dima Rouseseff, who is a classic lefty style crony capitalist. She allegedly benefited from sweetheart deals involving the state owned oil company PertroBras. And that’s likely just the tip of the corruption fruit bowl.  She is part of the Chavista wave which swept South America last decade but is now dying an ugly death. The middle class has risen up and they want Rouseff’s head.

But she refuses, Nancy Pelosi style, to step down.

Her opposition to Uber is just classic. A service which increases the quality and general service level of transport, which uses the market to make the world a better place, is anathema to the crony capitalist mentality. It’s the same thinking which rolls around Bill de Blasio’s head in New York. Cronies do not like innovation.

(From The Daily Caller)

Brazil’s embattled president has lashed out at Uber, slamming the ride-sharing company for allegedly destroying jobs and said the company needed stricter regulation.

Dilma Rousseff, who is struggling to maintain any semblance of support with an eight percent approval rating, said Uber “is complicated because it takes jobs away from people… It leaves taxis with less work.”

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