D.C.’s Attempt to License Personal Trainers Is Anti-Business, Anti-Competition, and (Probably) Anti-Health. Thanks Obamacare!

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Let’s licence everything! Breathing. Eating. Teaching someone how best to maximize a workout. There is no place the regulators should not be. We must be kept safe! Please government and cronies, please, please keep us safe – from ourselves! And if you can enrich yourself while keeping me safe from myself that would be even better!

(From Reason)

Once again, wait: You really mean that professional groups granted regulatory power over their rivals might use licensing requirements in self-interested ways? Who could possibly have imagined that this would happen?

Rules have already been considered that would either block new entrants to the physical fitness market or saddle them with enormous expenses. Crossfit, which I have never tried, but which lots of people seem to enjoy quite a bit, seems to be a particular target. One D.C. Crossfit entrepreneur, a former legal worker, tells the Post that he would not have been able to open his facilities under one requirement that has already been floated:

One early proposal that the D.C. board discussed but appears to have moved away from would have required personal trainers to have as much as a four-year degree. Killion said that if such a rule were adopted, he almost certainly wouldn’t have abandoned a career in law.

“I would have never been able to start my business, and we wouldn’t have people who have lost 100 pounds if that were the case,” he said.

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