EPA’s toxic environment: Sexual harassment running rampant – “{the offender} was fed a steady diet of interns.”

Not protecting the workplace environment?
Not protecting the workplace environment?

Yikes. This is all on your dime of course. And I’m sure this sort of behavior would have been tolerated in the private sector. But funny, senior government guys never ever seem to get the ax.

(From The Hill)

In the case of the research fellow, when the sexual harassment was initially reported to EPA management, the offender’s only consequence was a relocated cubicle.  Predictably, with this inadequate remedy, the harassment continued.

When an investigation into the allegations was actually launched, EPA employees conducting the investigation experienced retaliation from senior management.

Demotions, reduced pay, reassignments, and unsatisfactory annual reviews were all tactics used to silence their voices.

Not only did EPA management do nothing to prevent or stop this predatory behavior, their retaliatory practices allowed the problems to fester for years.

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