Gallup Poll: 75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption

Unusual bathroom art. Perhaps it’s in the Capitol building, or White House.

And the other 25% of the people polled were apparently legally blind.

One does get the sense that we as a country are teetering a little too much toward modified banana republic status. I wouldn’t say that we are completely there yet, but it seems the government and its cronies have steadily worked toward achieving such a status over the last couple of decades.

To be fair I think this number reflects Americans becoming more aware of the real nature of government. Government is not some benevolent force. It’s not your ally. It is there in a very real sense to distribute money from your pocket to those who are in and around the government apparatus. That’s the harsh reality. But at least more people are coming to see this.

(From Gallup)

While the numbers have fluctuated slightly since 2007, the trend has been largely stable since 2010. However, the percentage of U.S. adults who see corruption as pervasive has never been less than a majority in the past decade, which has had no shortage of controversies from the U.S. Justice Department’s firings of U.S. attorneys to the IRS scandal.

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