How Airbnb actually makes NYC affordable

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Airbnb isn’t just making New York affordable for tourists, it’s making it (more) affordable for people who live in the city.

Have an extra bedroom? Why not rent it out a couple of nights a week to help make ends meet? The rent is $5000/month so every little bit helps.

But the hoteliers don’t like people doing this and they, like the cab companies battling Uber are fighting Airbnb in the courts and at City Hall instead of tailoring their product to a new, more competitive marketplace.

(From The New York Post)

We’ve lovingly termed this change “disruption.” It’s a disruption of industries that have remained relatively unchanged for decades and a disruption craved by us all. We’re turning our cars and homes into valuable assets and facilitating the type of customer experience we all want.

Of course, like most disruptions of legacy business practices, incumbents don’t want it. And they’ll do everything they can to protect their turf. Consumer or societal benefits be damned.

In an effort to protect its turf, the incumbent lodging industry created the ironically named Share Better Coalition — and seems to believe that the best way to share is not to share at all.

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