How The GOP Establishment Hopes To Crush The Donald’s Presidential Run

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If nothing else the presidential election so far has been interesting. More than that, bizarre. As my neighbor, who is politically engaged but not overly political put it to me this morning – America is ready to play a lottery ticket. America so disappointed in the last 2 presidents that people are really, really looking for someone to right the ship. They are ready to take a gamble. Enter Sanders and Trump.

Both men have upended the game the pundits and consultants had expected to play this election cycle. All of a sudden there is all kinds of political movement. Hillary supporters scrambling. 20,000 people showing up on a Monday night for a rally with Mr. Hair. Bernie Sanders, the Jewish socialist, going down to evangelical and conservative Liberty University and giving a speech.

This whole situation has lots of people in the political class scared. They thought they only had to worry about Rand Paul who they figured they could scare the American people away from with talk of an impending ISIS invasion or something like that. But the wonks got blindsided.

Additionally it seems completely feasible that a 3rd party candidate (a 4th?) could enter the race with a legitimate chance to win if the message is right. That’s how it feels right now.

And as we have long noted the thing the establishment likes least is uncertainty. The political class would like to make things certain again. It might be too late.

(From Zerohedge)

And while initial denial by virtually everyone, especially the so-called pundits none of whom anticipated Trump’s unprecedented surge in the polls, turned slowly into much publicized anger, now comes the bargaining phase, and as Bloomberg political commentator Mark Halperin who admits spending “about 60 percent of my waking hours talking about Donald Trump” explores, the panicked GOP establishment is now scrambling to find ways to “stop” the Trump Juggernaut.

According to him, the core GOP and especially his republicans contenders, may attack Trump through four possible frames:

  • Trump can’t be trusted because he is an egomaniac with a bad character.

  • Trump is a liberal and unprincipled.

  • Trump is not close to being fit to be a serious president or commander-in-chief.

  • Trump is a politician, not a businessman/outsider.

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