“If I Don’t Come Home, Look After My Wife”: What Happens In China If You Sell Stocks

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When crony capitalism gets really really serious on a personal level.

(From Zerohedge)

And let’s not forget poor Wang Xiaolu, the Caijing reporter who, clearly under duress, made the following public confession after suggesting in a story that China’s plunge protection team might be considering an exit from the market (which is of course true): “I shouldn’t have released a report with a major negative impact on the market at such a sensitive time. I shouldn’t do that just to catch attention which has caused the country and its investors such a big loss. I regret . . . [it and am] willing to confess my crime.” 

Now, China is rounding up other industry players and taking them into custody so that they might “assist with inquiries.” As Reuters reports, for some fund managers, being summoned to to provide such “assistance” is tantamount to getting “sent for” by the Italian mob. Here’s more:

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