LA Times: Jorge Ramos is on the defensive over his role as journalist and immigrant advocate

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He should be. Mr. Ramos crossed the line, a pretty obvious line, in his exchange with Donald Trump last week. This is what we had to say then and it still holds.

With Ramos eschewing journalistic integrity for self righteous indignation and advocacy one must consider carefully the value of what Mr. Ramos has to say going forward. He had already clearly broadcast his bias.

It must also be remembered that Mr. Ramos wouldn’t be broadcasting his opinions like he is without the leadership of the network giving him the OK. For Univision keeping the border completely open is a business decision. It means viewers and advertising sales.

It should be noted that many people who immigrate, even and perhaps especially those who come here illegally are often escaping vicious cronyism and despair in their home countries. This certainly isn’t the case all the time. But I’d be willing to bet it is with a great number.

If one wants to make an honest living in this country, to build a business, to make the world better, I say welcome. ¡Bienvenidos! And I say we need to find a way to welcome such people efficiently and in a way which adds to this country. But what we are doing now is failing. Both Ramos and Trump are right on that.

We are pleased to see other media outlets calling Mr. Ramos and Univision out.

But we have to be clear, as some people took the opportunity in the comments section of the above article to rant about immigration and illegal immigration in particularly nasty ways. I would prefer not to see that again. As difficult an issue as illegal immigration is the people coming into this country are still human beings. That should never be forgotten. It should also be remembered that many American companies have long openly hired illegal immigrants, enticing folks across the border. Why do you think the Chamber of Commerce is all for “amnesty”?

The most important issue in our view is Mr. Ramos’s obvious advocacy while maintaining his position as a “journalist.” This can not be tolerated. Another issue is the fact that Univision has a cozy relationship with another prominent presidential candidate. And still another issue is the $500 million lawsuit Donald Trump has filed against Univision.

Ramos asked for the attention.

(From The LA Times)

Fox News analyst Howard Kurtz, who covers the media, wrote that Ramos “crossed the line” in confronting Trump, saying he “looked like an activist disrupting an event.”

In recent weeks, Ramos has been called a “bully,” “conflict junkie,” and “pretend journalist,” and in danger of becoming “just another Al Sharpton.”

“For pretending he was bullied and pretending he was thrown out of the room? He’s making himself the story,” said cohost Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“Clearly he wanted to bait Donald Trump and he succeeded,” replied The Blaze’s Amy Holmes.

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