Mediaite: David Brock (Of Soros sponsored Media Matters) Officially Goes Loco with NY Times ‘Conservative Propaganda’ Slam

Dbrock cc

You know things are getting a bit weird when “progressives” (well one very odd progressive) start accusing the New York Times, The Times, you know, The New York Times of being a conservative mouthpiece. That’s like saying Fox is pulling out the stops for Bernie Sanders. It is ludicrous. But hey, that’s David Brock.

(From Mediaite)

You may have thought we boarded the crazy train long ago when it comes to the brain behind the still-somehow-tax-exempt Media Matters…hell, we all did. But we’re now in a special place for crazy courtesy of Brock’s accusations–courtesy of a soon-to-be released book obtained by Politico’s Glenn Thrushand Hadas Gold–against the New York Times for being, among other things, a “megaphone for conservative propaganda” for wrongly–in his eyes–targeting tanking Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in their reporting on her home-brewed email server. Brock proceeds to declare that the Times “has a special place in hell” waiting for it, which makes little sense considering publications and/or companies usually don’t ascend or descend into the afterlife.

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