Obama orders federal agencies to hire psychologists

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With millions of people dropping out of the labor force because of a poor economy, President Obama orders the federal government to hire psychologists and behavioral economists. Why? Did their association make a well timed gift? No, it seems in this case the president wants to apply ways to manipulate citizen behavior without their realizing they are being manipulated.

What will the next executive order bring us?

(From The Washington Examiner)

Under the order, agencies are being asked to identify programs for which applying behavior science insights might lead to “improvements in public welfare.” It also asks agencies to help test the usefulness of these behavioral insights, and to “recruit behavioral science experts to join the federal government as necessary to achieve the goals of this directive.”

Obama tapped the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team, which works under the National Science and Technology Council, to “apply findings and methods from the social and behavioral sciences to help the policies, programs, and operations of government better serve the nation,” to help department officials carry out the directive.

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