Report Claims Women’s Ranger School Graduation Was Rigged

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Some believe that the military has become a vehicle for social engineering as much as a fighting force. I’ve heard this from many sources over the years but no one wants to say it out loud. I’ve never been in the military so I can’t say, but this report seems to be a pretty damning example of the type of political correctness which could potentially cost lives.

Just to be clear we are absolutely for women and more women in the military. But this sort of double standard, for what appears to be political reasons, is not a positive development.

(From Mediaite)

According to PEOPLE‘s Susan Keating, the graduation of First Lieutenants Kristen Griestand Shaye Haver was a heavily politicized event, even before the possibility of their ever graduating from the school became a reality in August. The news comes just days after Rep. Steve Russell (R-Oklahoma) requested documentation relating to the matter from the Department of Defense over concerns that “the women got special treatment and played by different rules.”

Multiple unconfirmed sources told Keating that an unnamed general told subordinates that “a woman will graduate Ranger School” back in January. “At least one will get through,” he concluded at the time.

“Even though this was supposed to be just an assessment, everyone knew” another source told PEOPLE. “The results were planned in advance.”

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