Socialism sucks (the life out of an economy): A 90-Year-Old Goes Shopping in Venezuela

¡Viva Socialismo!

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Socialism is death. It is sold as life of course. It is sold as a way to get even with those nasty capitalists with their “greed driven” profit motives. A way to bring heaven to earth. Better to let the cronies in government manage things than the people in a free economy. The cronies only have your best interests in mind.

Socialists prey on the ignorant and hopeless.

Socialism is a kind of religion. It has many offshoots and schisms, but fundamentally it is about all too fallible cronies telling other people what to do, and these same cronies thinking that they are smarter than the market. This is the faith.This is the religion. It is about power OVER people. But again, it is sold as liberation.

(From The PanAm Post)

There I was with Papá, buying four packages of corn flour, amid pervasive annoyance, people cutting in, and smug expressions stamped on the civil and military officials managing the queue. I must confess that I feel a certain kind of rage when I must stand in a line that is watched over by armed military men intent on keeping order.+

As I remembered the song by Piero: “viejo mi querido viejo (old man, my dear old man)/ahora ya caminas lerdo (now you walk slowly and clumsily)/como perdonando el tiempo (as if leaving time aside),” I saw the minutes pass by and asked myself: how many man hours do we Venezuelans spend standing in line? How does this affect productivity? It’s no wonder we are the country with Latin America’s highest rates of inflation.

By the way, the daughter of the now dead president who instituted this nonsense is now a billionaire. Funny how wealth always seems to agregate in the hands of socialist leaders. Wonder why that is?

Some pigs are more equal than others.

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