Speaker Boehner has betrayed small government ethos, many want him gone, likely to happen soon

boehner cc

To be fair it’s not like Boehner was ever really a “conservative” and certainly he does not appear to have a libertarian bone in his body. He is a big government, Abrams tank-loving big spender. He has systematically tried to disenfranchise the younger, more liberty oriented members of the Republican caucus. He has sided with the President over the libertarian-conservative coalition pretty much every time it has mattered. In the face of an executive power grab Boehner backed down when voters clearly wanted him to stand up. Mr Boehner is a product of Washington culture. He is a a Bush Republican.

And increasingly the “new” Republicans in the House are realizing it is time to move on.

(From Politico)

Top lawmakers and aides in leadership expect Meadows or another Boehner antagonist to try and force a vote before the end of the year on whether to keep Boehner as speaker.

Boehner is nearly certain to lose the support of the 25 lawmakers who voted against him last time, plus a few more who’ve grown frustrated with him. But Democrats would also get a say, and should they vote to keep Boehner as speaker — opposing him would invite chaos, and it’s anyone’s guess who they’d have to deal with as his replacement — Boehner would likely retain the gavel until January 2017, unless he decided to call it quits sooner. Meadows did not force a vote in July, but GOP leadership assumes someone will this fall.

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