U.S. ‘Justice’ Department Proclaims Big Banks Have A License To Steal

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Rules (or lack of) for them, and rules for the ruled.

This massive chicanery does not happen without a Federal Reserve system backstopping the deal. Fraud will always happen to some extent, but the fiat financialization of the globe allows this sort of shadiness to explode on a scale which is hard to conceptualize.

(From SprottMoney)

Don’t punish the Boss who gave the order; punish the Lackey who followed the order. Even in the complete travesty of justice which the U.S. calls its “War on Drugs”; the Department of Justice does not subscribe to such warped logic. It supposedly focuses its quasi-military crusade on the “drug cartels” rather than on the lowly street-pushers.

Yet when we are dealing with Big Banks instead of drug cartels, a crime syndicate whose financial felonies are literally a hundred times larger than those of the drug cartels, we’re now told that the best way to “combat corporate misconduct” is to publicly proclaim to those corporations (Big Banks) that they have complete immunity from any/all prosecution.

The despicable irony, and the reason why this is such an apt metaphor is that while the U.S. government still pretends to be fighting a War on Drugs, it has been giving U.S. Big Banks a free pass to serially launder trillions of dollars for the same drug cartels the U.S. government claims it is fighting to eliminate.

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