Washington Post: What John Boehner told me the night before he said he was quitting

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That Boehner is leaving is huge news generally and even bigger news for those of us who are concerned with the revival of the Export-Import Bank. Just yesterday we posted on the Speaker’s apparent willingness to work with Democrats to revive the crony program. Now the chess board has been tossed.

Attached is an interesting bit of history – it was last night – from reporter Jennifer Steinhauer at The Washington Post. A little bit of humanity (the kind we don’t usually see or hear about) from the hallowed halls of the Capitol Building.

(From The Washington Post)

“Look at you! Where have you been?” Boehner asked me. He then leaned in, put his hands on our shoulders, and nodded toward a small circular area on the first floor near a bust of Winston Churchill. “Come over here, let me show you something,” he said.

Boehner moved a few steps over and closed his eyes for a moment, seeming to recall what it was like for him as Pope Francis entered the Capitol. His blue eyes grew moist and his voice shaky. He asked me to stand inches from him, in essence standing in for Pope Francis as he recreated the scene, perhaps hoping to savor the rush of it all again while the memory was fresh.

Sherman and I looked at each other, both a little uncomfortable. But Boehner’s unprompted interest in telling us the details about his own experience was too compelling to leave. We listened.

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