What Is the Price of Perfect Equality?

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Equality under the law is vital to a robust and relatively free society. It is a principal which should be celebrated and a goal toward which society should strive. No special deals for special classes. This is a fundamentally American principal. (Though we’ve often failed in our pursuit of this ideal.)

Equality in outcomes however is something very different. It is a concept with which many people are enamored. But it is very dangerous. We can do our best to make sure the playing field is clear of debris and that the officials are not corrupt, however we can’t make sure everyone “wins.” Life is not a little league soccer game. Indeed to the degree we try to make life like one we rob ourselves of our humanity. We are meant to win and we are meant to lose.

And it should always be remembered that in any “egalitarian” society there will always be those who are more equal than others. There will always be cronies. It’s just that in an “egalitarian” system the cronies have more power. At least that is what history (and kid lit) has shown us.

(From The Atlantic)

Commerce and trade, it turns out, are just as dependent on the passions as the passions are dependent on commerce and trade in The Giver. The true nightmare of a dystopian world is that all of these things are interconnected, and that by losing one or the other, by engineering it away socially or medically, nightmarish unintended consequences will ensue.

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