Who do the candidates want on the $10 bill? (From last night’s debate.)

Hamilton cc

Pretty standard responses. Safe choices all. But there was one response of particular note and that was Ted Cruz’s. He said that he wouldn’t replace Hamilton on the $10 bill but would prefer to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. This is a horrible idea.

Jackson killed the Second Bank of the United States, America’s central bank at the time, which was a giant win for the American people. For all of Jackson’s faults (and he has some big ones) that alone is reason to keep Jackson on the $20 bill. His was a victory in the fight against the banks of the Northeast and against crony capitalism generally.

The rest of the responses are below.

Paul: Susan B. Anthony

Hucakbee: My wife

Rubio: Rosa Parks

Cruz: Take Jackson off the $20 bill and put Parks on

Carson: My mother

Trump: My daughter or Rosa Parks

Bush: Margaret Thatcher.

Walker: Clara Barton

Fiorina: I wouldn’t change it.

Kasich: Mother Teresa

Christie: Abigail Adams