Win for free speech: WSU says professors may not discriminate against students who use terms “male” or “female” in class

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Political correctness is so disheartening. It is a speech code imposed by those who spend their lives perpetually offended. Everyone (well nearly everyone) knows that these perpetually offended individuals are out to lunch, but for a long time people were afraid to say anything for fear of being labeled a “racist” or worse. Such a tag from the politically correct community of grievance studies professors could potentially derail a career in academia for a student or prospective professor. It is a deeply totalitarian phenomenon. Thankfully the newspeak brigade is being challenged on campuses. But it needs to be challenged more vehemently still.

Those professors who indulge in this sort of behavior at state colleges should not be tolerated. At a private school, if it wants to let the speech fascists run free while oppressing everyone else that’s their business.(Though students and donors should fight PC in private schools also.) But when taxpayers are paying for things the deal is totally different. We should not be expected to fund such anti-intellectual nonsense.

Free speech is a fundamental tenant of this country. White, black, gay, straight, red head or blonde, one should feel free to speak. Particularly at a university.

Fight PC. It is against the very spirit of higher education.

(From The Daily Caller)

Streamas, who obtained his Ph.D. at Bowling Green State University, is most notable because he told a student who supports limits on illegal immigration: “You are just a white shitbag.”

A second Washington State faculty member, Selena Lester Breikss, has warned students in her “Women & Popular Culture” course this semester that they risk “failure for the semester” if they use the terms “male” or “female.”

Breikss, a taxpayer-funded graduate assistant, apparently, who does not have a faculty page, declares in her syllabus that the words “females” and “males” constitute “gross generalizations” and “derogatory/oppressive language.”

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